Private Label

Nespresso® compatible functional coffee capsules

How Two Align will ensure that a company can be successful with our private label Nespresso® compatible functional coffee capsules.


‘To offer everyone a quality single-serve coffee with the benefits of CBD, vitamins or minerals.'


‘To guarantee our partners a continuous high-level service and excellent quality products, so that they can offer the best to their customers.’

Use our own label Bennie Green

Building your own brand and launching your private label Nespresso® compatible capsule takes time and resources. The time is needed for designing, marketing and implementing it in your company during the daily business. In addition, there are moq's and delivery times. Time and resources that may not be available or desired right now. Or perhaps you would first like to know whether our functional coffees will be embraced by your customers before starting your own brand with the associated investments. We have a solution for that.

We've put a lot of thought and work into our own brand, Bennie Green. We believe Bennie is a perfect fit for how we work and how we want to interact with our customers. Bennie Green is a wise man who cares about what goes on in the world. Bennie is wise to life and has an eye for detail. He is charming, friendly, and known to share his views on life with anyone who is interested. He is intelligent and a little eccentric, which makes him an approachable person. He likes quality products that are good for his body and mind and help him stay fit and healthy. He is an honest man who does not need to prove himself, he knows what is important in life. He values the well-being of his family, friends and nature and enjoys life to the full.

Planning & Orders

If you are considering starting your own private label functional Nespresso® compatible capsule, please contact us directly. That way we can work together towards a clearly feasible date so that the launch of your own brand will run smoothly. Provide us with your own art work that we will work with and start your own private label Nespresso® compatible capsules. The capsules can be supplied in packs of 10 that are equally suitable for sale. If you only want to serve the coffee without selling it per package, we can deliver the capsules in plastic packaging. You can then choose the quantity per bag yourself.


Our factory and office are located in Rotterdam. From there there, a smooth and fast delivery of the orders is easily feasible. We will achieve this with door to door transport.


Experience our power in producing the goodness of coffee combined with the benefits of CBD, vitamins and minerals.

“You can’t start your next chapter if you keep rereading the previous one”

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