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With CBD

CBD stands for Cannabidiol and is only one of the dozens of cannabinoids known so far. Despite the fact that CBD has only been more in the spotlight with the general public in recent years and has received more recognition from users, producers and scientists, it is really not a recent discovery. CBD was first isolated from the hemp plant in the 1940s. In the 1960s, more scientists got involved with this mysterious and versatile plant. Nowadays, CBD is not only better-known but also the benefits of CBD and how it works in our body, is also better understood. CBD is increasingly being added to food and drinks, including coffee and gaining in popularity for its added health benefits.



The endocannabinoid system

Every person (also many animals) has an endocannabinoid system, a communication system in your body. This system is a regulator for many processes such as the production of proteins and hormones, controlling the immune system, feeling and thinking and our organs, pain, blood pressure and movement. The body itself produces substances (anandamine) that streamline and shape these processes. There are now indications that this system could play a crucial role in controlling brain functions such as attention, impulses and memory.

How does CBD work in our body?

Phyto (plant) cannabinoids such as CBD are so similar to anandamine that the body produces itself, that the body sees them as its own substances and therefore recognizes them as such. These are accepted by our receivers (the CB1 and CB2 receptors, see below). It is for these reasons and findings that CBD is used for various conditions and there are so many positive experiences with many different complaints.

Are there any negative effects of cbd coffee?

There are no known reports of health problems after using CBD, nor of drinking CBD coffee. Overdosing is virtually impossible. This will have to do with the fact that our body recognizes CBD as a substance in the body and so it only uses what it needs and excess amounts are excreted. The negative effects of CBD in your coffee could be the same that other people experience as positive, namely a calmer feeling and less rushed feeling.


We have a passion for coffee and CBD and we believe that we have developed a fantastic CBD coffee capsule with both ingredients. However, we distance ourselves from any medical claim made for taking CBD or consuming products containing CBD. CBD has the status of a food supplement and should never be used as a substitute for medication. Always consult a doctor or a specialist if you have any health problems. CBD is usually very harmless, but you are responsible for its use. We recommend consuming 1 CBD coffee capsule per day and no more. The responsibility for this lies with the consumer and anyone involved with Two Align cannot be held liable for misuse by customers.

Cbd interacts with cb1 and cb2 receptors

Why would I want to sell CBD coffee?

CBD can work preventive for many complaints for which normally medicines are prescribed.

Increasing consumer awareness and willingness to buy food and drink products containing cbd

The CBD that goes into our capsules actually gets into the coffee (COA’S insight) and has a high bioavailability because of the technique we use.

The Global CBD-Infused Beverages Market size & share revenue is expected to grow from USD 3,400 Million in 2020 to reach USD 14,600 Million by 2026, at 27.5% annual CAGR growth during forecast period of 2021-2026.

The global CBD market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 21.2% from 2021 to 2028 to reach USD 13.4 billion by 2028.

Major brands such as Coca-Cola, InBev, Heineken and PepsiCo are exploring the CBD market and introducing initiative.

Experience our power in producing the goodness of coffee combined with the benefits of CBD.

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